Fruit Image Data set

Author: Marko Škrjanec

The fruit image data set consists of 971 images of common fruit. The images are classified into 30 different fruit classes. Every fruit class contains about 32 different images. The fruit images are in the JPEG image format, spreading from a few KB to a few MB in size. The images are very diverse. The images contain different number of fruits, some contain just a single fruit and others contain dozens. Some of the images contain a lot of noise such as trees, leaves, plates and other backgrounds. The images were obtained from internet sources and are not our property. Internet addresses of the images are provided in the included links.txt file. This data set is a part of the author's Bsc thesis.

In case you use FIDS30in your work, please cite as:

Sample images

The image shows examples of the fruit classes in the data set.
The image shows examples of within-class variety of fruit images in the data set.



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