Ljubljana Urban Image Data Set

The Ljubljana urban image data set consists of 612 reference images of an urban environment covering an area of 200 x 200 meters (see the Google Earth overview map). At each of the 34 standpoints 18 images were captured at 6 orientations and 3 tilt angles covering a field of view of 360 x 100 degrees (see an example below). All images were taken with a Nikon D50 digital SLR camera with a field of view of 88 x 52 degrees at a resolution of 6 megapixel (3008 x 2000 pixels) in November 2005 in overcast weather. The positions of the reference standpoints were measured by classical surveying techniques using a theodolite for relative measurements (with an accuracy of 10 cm) and highly accurate GPS device for absolute positioning (accuracy 50 cm).

In case you use LUIS34 in your work, please cite as:


  • LUIS34 with 3008×2000 pixels (1.66 GB ZIP)
  • LUIS34 with 1504×1000 pixels (223 MB ZIP)
  • LUIS34 with 752x 500 pixels (77 MB ZIP)
  • LUIS34 coordinates and map overview (on request)

Sample images from Standpoint 02:


For further information contact Dušan Omerčević or Roland Perko:

We would like to acknowledge the help of following people/organizations in acquiring the data set: Bojan Stopar, Dejan Grigillo, and Albin Mencin (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering), Asobi d.o.o. , Luka Fuerst, Jurij Šorli, Jason Catchpole, and Konstantinos Konstantinidis.

This research has been supported by EU FP6-511051-2 project MOBVIS.