Tree bark image data set

Author: Matic Švab

Since there is no known publicly available tree bark image data set, a new publicly available data set was created as a part of Bsc thesis. It contains about 360 images of tree barks of 12 different trees that are found in Slovenia. Each tree class consists of around 30 images in JPEG image format, with a resolution of 3000 x 4000 pixels. All images were taken with Nikon COOLPIX S3000 camera in the same conditions (20 cm distance, multiple trees per one class, avoiding noise like moss, same light conditions, taken in upright position).

In case you use the data set in your work, please cite as:

Computer-vision-based tree trunk recognition, Matic Švab, Bsc Thesis, (Mentor: doc. dr. Matej Kristan), Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Ljubljani, 2014

Example images.



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Vice chair of Department of artificial intelligence