Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants

EU FP6-2002-IST-2 EU FP6 IST Cognitive Systems Integrated project

Project overview

The main goal of the project is to advance the science of cognitive systems through a multi-disciplinary investigation of requirements, design options and trade-offs for human-like, autonomous, integrated, physical (eg., robot) systems, including requirements for architectures, for forms of representation, for perceptual mechanisms, for learning, planning, reasoning and motivation, for action and communication.


CoSy @ UOL:

Some latest results:

Continuous cross modal learning and unlearning:

  • “These are elongated objects.” [03'19/71.7MB] -- Continuous learning of associations between automatically extracted visual features and basic visual concepts (colour, shape) in the integrated system.
  • “This object is not blue.” [00'10/2.15MB] -- Unlearning - updating/correcting the current representations with negative information (negation).

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