Computer Vision

Client ID: Slovenian Research Agency (P2-0214 (B))

Project type: Research Programme

Project duration: 2019 - 2024

Collaborators on project

  • PhD Batagelj Borut
  • PhD Bovcon Narvika
  • PhD Fidler Sanja
  • PhD Jaklič Aleš
  • PhD Jogan Matjaž
  • PhD Leonardis Aleš
  • PhD Maver Jasna
  • PhD Peer Peter
  • MSc Peternel Miha
  • Ravnik Robert
  • PhD Skočaj Danijel
  • PhD Solina Franc
  • PhD Šajn Luka

Project aims

The research group is involved in basic research in computer vision, with emphasis on visually enabled cognitive systems involving visual learning and recognition. Topics include interpretation of range images, recognition and tracking of objects, scenes, and activities in visual cognitive tasks such as surveillance and smart vision-based detection and positioning using wearable computing in urban environments as well as for mobile robots and cognitive assistants, detection and recognition of human faces and application of computer vision in multimedia and in new media art.

Research in the area of visually enabled cognitive systems focuses on various theories, at different levels of abstraction, regarding requirements, architectures, forms of representation, kinds of ontologies and knowledge, and varieties of mechanisms relevant to integration and control of vision systems. In this context, cognitive vision implies functionalities for knowledge representation, learning, reasoning about events and structures, recognition and categorization, and goal specification, all of which are concerned with the semantics of the relationship between the visual agent and its environment. This requires a vast effort in a multidisciplinary understanding of cognitive processes, involving studies in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind.

More information about the project is given in the video.