GOSTOP - Building Blocks, Tools and Systems for the Factories of the Future

Type of the research project: Structural Funds Project

Project duration: 2016 - 2020

Acronym: GOSTOP

Researchers at UL FRI

  • izr. prof. dr. Danijel Skočaj (PI)
  • Domen Tabernik

Project overview

The aim of the GOSTOP programme is to accelerate the development of the Factories of the Future concept in Slovenia and to provide solutions to the current needs of Slovene industry. In GOSTOP, a total of 13 companies and 6 research organisations which had compatible research and development programmes in the Factories of the Future concept joined forces to push forward its development. Four areas were identified in which decisive breakthroughs could be achieved in Slovenia in the near future: control technologies, tooling, robotics, and photonics.

Faculty of Computer and Information Science is collaborating with other partners in the area of robotics. The main goal is to develop flexible and adaptable technologies that would allow for fast and simple adaptation to a new product in the production process. One of the mayor enabling technologies in this respect is machine vision. Our goal is to develop efficient machine vision algorithms, coupled with machine learning approaches, which would allow for fast and flexible adaptation of visual inspection systems to be able to deal with novel quality control problems. We base our research on latest developments in deep learning and develop novel algorithms that are able to replace the need for handcrafting solutions for individual problem domains with a more general approach based on learning a solution by observing a number of exemplar images.