Vision Technologies and Intelligent Maps for Mobile Attentive Interfaces in Urban Scenarios

EU FET FP6-511051 (

Project duration: May 1st, 2005 to April 30th, 2008

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The main objective in MOBVIS is to achieve a theoretical and practical leap in the application of artificial vision in smart mobile applications with a primary focus in spatial awareness and guidance. In order to achieve this goal, MOBVIS concentrates its research on the integration of multi-modal context awareness, vision based object recognition, and intelligent map technology, into an innovative form of an attentive interface, which enables perception and reasoning on a vast amount of data and in a continuously operating framework.


Our scientific contributions lie within the following topics:

  • Informative Visual Features
  • Image Based Localization
  • Recognition of Parts, Objects and Events
  • Vision Based Context
  • Incremental Updating of the Intelligent Map
  • High-level Map Indexing and Retrieval

In the course of the project we have collected the following data sets:

  • LUIS34 - Ljubljana Urban Image Data Set
  • DUIS131 - Darmstadt Urban Image Data Set
  • GUIS107 - Graz Urban Image Data Set


Scientific output of our work within the project is described in these publications: Publications for the topic of Local-Global Tracking