Borja Bovcon

+386 1 479 8245

I am a third-year PhD student at Visual Cognitive Systems Lab at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. My research interests are computer vision, obstacle detection, image segmentation and robotics.

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Unmnanned surface vehicles (USV) are robotic boats that can be used for coastal patrolling in a numerous applications ranging from surveillance to water cleanness control. We are developing computer vision algorithms that enable autonomous operation in the highly dynamic environments in which the USVs are applied.
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The project primary goal is to develop functionalities required for robust autonomous navigation of USVs in uncontrolled environments, primarily relying on the captured visual information. The project focuses on obstacle detection using monocular and stereo systems, development of efficient visual tracking algorithms for marine environments and environment representation through sensor fusion.

Online resources

Obstacle Detection in a Marine Environment - Datasets and semantic segmentation evaluation tools for obstacle detection using unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). The challenge, posed by this dataset/s, is to segment each image into three natural regions: water, sky and land+obstacles. The obtained segmentation mask is then evaluated separately for the accuracy of obstacle-water edge estimation on static obstacles and the true-positive/false-positive measures for dynamic obstacles.