Luka Čehovin

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Assistant Professor
+386 1 479 8245

I am an assistant professor at Visual Cognitive Systems Lab at Faculty of Computer and Information Science. This is my research portfolio that contains information about my research. If you have time, you can also check my personal webpage.

My research interests are computer vision, human-computer interaction, distributed agent systems, computer graphics, mobile and web technologies.

At the faculty I am involved in the following courses: Multimedia Systems, Machine Perception, Robotics and Computer Perception, and Applied Computer Vision.


One of the problems of visual tracking evaluation is a lack of a consistent evaluation methodology. This is hampering the cross-paper tracker comparison and faster advancement of the field. In our research we investigate different aspects of tracking evaluation. A continuous effort that is a part of our work is also the Visual Object Tracking Challenge (VOT).
Discriminative Correlation Filters are very popular in visual object tracking due to the efficient implementation and great tracking performance results. Here we present several improvements in discriminative correlation filters.
This page deals with the problem of how to track objects as they undergo non-rigid deformations, and as parts become invisible. The page contains some preliminary work on a combined local and global visual model, that simultaneously changes its structure by adapting to the potentially nonrigid target and localizing it in the image.
ViCoS Eye is an experimental online service that aims to demonstrate a state-of-the-art computer vision object detection and categorization algorithm developed in our laboratory. Web-service is available in a form of a web-page and in a form of an Android application.

Recent publications

For an overview of my publications you can also visit my Google Scholar and ResearchGate profile.

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